The Scallopers Campaign… working to bring flexibility, safety, and fairness to the Atlantic sea scallop fishery.

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We Endorse Flexibility in the Scallop Fishery

As representatives of businesses and industries that support and rely on a healthy scallop fleet, we endorse the Scallopers Campaign request that the New England Fishery Management Council prioritize the discussion and development of a voluntary leasing program.

  • The Atlantic sea scallop fishery is the most economically important fishery on the East Coast – and to continue its prominence it must secure operational flexibility.
  • A successful, voluntary leasing program will provide the fleet with much-needed options for operational flexibility and will provide sustainability and economic stability for vessel owners, crew members, and support industries alike.
  • The resulting operational efficiencies will conserve fuel and improve the economic benefits for scallop vessel owners and crewmembers.
  • A leasing program will also generate important benefits for local economies and spur new vessel construction and major upgrades that will improve safety at sea for crew.
  • Newer vessels and more efficient engines will reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint.

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