The Scallopers Campaign… working to bring flexibility, safety, and fairness to the Atlantic sea scallop fishery.

Our Principles

The Scallopers Campaign is committed to working with the Scallop Advisory Panel, Scallop Committee, and New England Fishery Management Council to develop a voluntary leasing program that increases flexibility and safety in the fishery.

In our view, the leasing program should:

  • Promote flexibility and fairness for the benefit of the sea scallop fleet;
  • Improve the economic performance and resiliency of the fishery;
  • Improve crew safety in the scallop fishery;
  • Ensure conservation neutrality;
  • Maintain the individual identity of each LA scallop permit;
  • Include a commitment and measures to ensure “No Harm” to non-participating scallop vessels;
  • Recognize and address the diversity and characteristics of the LA scallop fleet, including multi-fishery vessels;
  • Include a commitment and measures (e.g. sideboards) to protect other fisheries from negative impacts of any approved program;
  • Reflect and include the existing caps on ownership and control; and
  • Limit the amount of leasing to a maximum of one additional full allocation per vessel, so that no vessel may fish more than two allocations.